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Sunday, November 24, 2013

There has been a reoccurring post on Facebook, popping up every once in awhile to show a supposed "real" Dr. complete in scrubs, criticizing the large numbers of patients on Medicaid who come to see him in his ER. The essay he supposedly wrote details disgustedly how these individuals (who he lumps into one big nasty group) just rattle his great sense of ethics to his Hypocratic core.
He bemoans the fact that some have gold teeth, one carried a Coach purse, and by golly, he just would rather not serve (I use the term loosely here) this bunch. I am tired of reading his shlop and tired of the people who agree with him. I do home health nursing and have for 15 years out of my 30. In that 15 years I have met and truly gotten to know those folks he berates. Home health allows us the time to get to know patients/clients as PEOPLE first. And I have met some mighty fine people who happen to carry a Medicaid card. The people I know have been gracious, appreciative and kind; some have been selfish,thankless and nasty. Like people as a whole, Dr. whats your name.
Maybe with Obamacare there will be less medical snobbery. Less awareness of who has "real" insurance and who is "on public assistance".

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